Newbury College Academy Trust proposal to merge with The Thames Learning Trust.

The Trustees of Newbury College Academy Trust are proposing to merge with The Thames Learning Trust.  Highwood Copse School, in Newbury, would join The Thames Learning Trust, subject to due diligence and Regional School Commissioner approval.



The Trustees have been carefully considering the school’s future and evaluating its options.  They have concluded that the best way forward for Highwood Copse School is for the school to become part of The Thames Learning Trust.

Iain Wolloff, Chair of Newbury College Academy Trust, said: “Highwood Copse Primary has had a fantastic first year since opening our doors to the first reception class in 2021. Having worked so closely with colleagues from the Thames Learning Trust, we believe that the best way to continue the development of this exceptional School is to share in the proven expertise of TLT. Children, parents and staff of the School can be confident that the excellent start can now be consolidated into long-term success.”

Jon Reekie, Chair of The Thames Learning Trust, said: “We are delighted that Newbury College Academy Trust wants to merge with The Thames Learning Trust.  As part of the Thames Learning Trust family of schools, close collaboration with like-minded schools will help Highwood Copse School continue to be able to provide the best academic, creative, spiritual, moral, and emotional education possible, striving for excellence in all it does and the schools already in the Trust continue to ‘Grow Stronger Together’ and benefit from Highwood Copse School joining us.”

As an academy in The Thames Learning Trust, Highwood Copse School will maintain its ethos and its place at the heart of its local community, whilst benefiting from quality support services that will ensure the school continues to be a thriving school where, ‘The Children come First’.

Subject to the necessary agreements being reached between Newbury College Academy Trust, The Thames Learning Trust and the Department for Education (DfE), it is expected that Highwood Copse School will join The Thames Learning Trust in April 2023.