About Us

Welcome to The Thames Learning Trust

Message from Richard Kearsey

Chief Executive Officer of The Thames Learning Trust

Welcome to The Thames Learning Trust. Our Trust is a multi-academy family of primary, infant and secondary schools located in Berkshire and Hampshire.  The Trust, formed in 2015, now includes six schools with over 2800 young people.  The Trust was created in order to gain strength through working with each other, sharing expertise, resources and knowledge, and this desire for collaborative improvement is reflected in our motto ‘Growing Stronger Together’.  Our Vision is to become a medium* sized Trust, recognised by its stakeholders and the communities in which we operate for its transformational and life-enhancing approach to the education of children.  Through working in collaboration, we have been able to provide better resources and learning for the children in our schools.

Our schools share a determined commitment to ensure that communities are well served by their local school.  As a family of schools:

  • We are quality driven. As our family of Academies grows, we will ensure that high academic standards are at the core of our work.
  • We value uniqueness. Our Academies will grow and develop whilst maintaining their own uniqueness.
  • We put children first. We will ensure that children are at the centre of all of our work and that we strive to give them the best start in life.
  • We work in partnership. We will work in close partnership with all of our stakeholders
  • We encourage development. Putting teacher development and improving teaching and learning at the heart of what we do.

Our aim is to create a family of remarkable schools that work together to ensure that all our young people enjoy learning and expect to be successful. With sustained success, lives change, communities thrive and we all benefit.

Warmest regards,

Richard Kearsey