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The Thames Learning Trust

The Thames Learning Trust invites you to explore an exciting opportunity to work as part of a collaborative partnership.

As a professional support organisation we are looking to welcome two additional schools in to our multi-academy trust, as part of our growth in to a medium-sized Trust consisting of up to eight schools.


  • Ethos and character of individual schools protected and valued by the partnership
  • Collaborative working in order to meet the challenges of the future such as recruitment
  • Strategic recruitment and succession planning.  The ability to retain good staff with vacancies across the Trust.
  • Relationships built on the twin principles of trust and collaboration so that the MAT is a development tool for raising standards
  • Improvement of teaching and learning through collaboration and shared experience
  • Deliver economies by offering centralised procurement that leads to savings for partner schools.
  • Benefit from an extensively experienced finance support team to provide support for strong financial governance and performance
  • Centralising of support functions and joined up working that deliver economies leading to more money to spend in the classroom.
  • Principals that are free to focus on teaching and learning and governors to govern
  • Partner schools retain their autonomy
  • Centralised staff training to improve the skills of support staff and teaching staff
  • Leadership recruitment including successful recruitment of Principals.

Who are we?

Our Trust has three senior leadership roles with a trust-wide responsibility: the Chief Executive Officer the Finance Director, and the Director of Education (Primary).  This group support the Principals enabling them to focus on the core deliverable of teaching and learning. The Governance structure comprises a board of trustees and their committees who oversee each of the academy schools.  

We have fully realised the benefit from activities conducted centrally and now wish to invite a small number of schools to join us to develop our partnership further.

As schools face significant financial challenges with funding allocations not keeping pace with increasing costs, and in particular staffing costs, our partnership model is helping to provide a long term strategic defence against these challenges. 

The professionalisation of our support organisation offers a range of bespoke support packages including procurement, routine HR, operational level finance which all deliver economies by offering the opportunity to centrally procure IT support, broadband and management information systems [MIS] support, catering, grounds maintenance, payroll, telecommunications. The financial savings enjoyed from this model of support are then recycled within the school’s curriculum activities to improve academic standards.

We are focused on building a whole team approach to teaching and learning and to developing our teaching staff.  We are passionate about collaborative working in order to meeting the challenges of the future; working together and collective decision making to tackle the demands schools are facing.

We protect the ethos and character of our partner schools as ethos and character stem from strong leadership and organisational values. 

We are proactive in constantly innovating and delivering change early, rather than reacting to changes that are forced upon us, perhaps by financial or employment pressures.

If you would like to explore this opportunity further please contact:

Richard Kearsey, The Thames Learning Trust Email: